Friday, August 28, 2009

Allman Brothers /WSP Jones Beach

The Widespread Panic set kind of bored me but the ABB set RIPPED. they played, Done Somebody Wrong, Les Bres in Am, Midnight Rider, Statesboro Blues, Revival, Stormy Monday, all the good old Duane songs. This show was "dedicated to a brother," meaning Duane and Trucks really channeled his energy and style sometimes. getting my videos off my phone soon. Some amazing jams, on Truck's part, Trucks is a hard solo to follow but Warren just pulled it off. they have complementary styles even though Trucks is really so much more fire. Driving home, the DJ on 104.3 played the entire 22 minute Whipping post off the Fillmore CD, then said "now you can't complain about radio!" I'm pretty sure the venue did not sell out and there were lot's of empty seats, mostly on the floor, though you need to show your ticket to get there and security gets kind of tight. pretty much anywhere else is fair game to sit though. I saw NO shadyness in the crowd, ABB and WSP is such a mellow vibe. The only thing I miss is no shakedown street, there were like 4 tents set up toward the back. I saw Truck's play last year at the Bear Creek Music Festival.

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