Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bear Creek Music Festival Visual Arts Program

Hoping to make it down to Florida for this, but we will have pictures one way or another. It really is a different world in St. Pete and the Florida east coast. Definitely one of the art capitals of the world. Zen Glass Studios is where I learned to blow glass there are always interesting things going on. They hit up all the southern music festivals.Check them out if you are ever at a big southern festival. Spirit of Suwanee is one of the best campgrounds for a festival, just don't disrespect the locals (first rule of any trip right?).

Spirit of Suwannee Music Park is a complete ecosystem like no other and truly one of the most beautiful and comfortable/luxurious campgrounds around. Bear Creek is the only festival thatnow keeping funk and soul at the forefront; for this I am Grateful.

The Bear Creek Arts Program is really amazing and if your an artist you should consider submitting your work. One day I will start making some more art.

The Bear Creek Music Festival will feature many regional painters, photographers and visual artists. Many of these artists will paint during musical performances, capturing their interpretations of the musical experience. More information regarding the Art Program will be announced soon. If you want to do some live artwork or painting during musical performances, contact Don't forget to support these guys either! buy something!


vorcan art said...

don't forget to check out vorcan art while your at bear creek

velvetunderlmont said...

This is the only florida festival standing!

Anonymous said...

lots of festivals have art tents

middle rhythm session said...

yes this is true anon, but this festival some especially great fine art for sale, most festivals do not have that.

Anonymous said...

It seems the artist picked for this festival, while talented, may have been picked under biased opinion and not of skill or having experience painting live with musicians. there seemed to be a lot of disorganization in the submission process as well.