Monday, July 6, 2009

Topaz Sullivan Hall: July 3

This show was pretty cool I finally met Joe Russo, and I got tips on working my new D60 from Dino Perucci. See his pictures to see how far I have to go in operating this beast of a machine. I love Southern Rock and fellow Florida boy the Legendary JC's were in the House as the opening act. These guys have so much soul its ridiculous. Thanks Robyn for going with me you are an awesome person to hang out with and hope to see more of you. Topaz was a picture of rock perfection and I always love hearing people say things like "I like jambands" when their leaving Sullivan hall. It's surreal to me cause to me it's all rock. I also saw the vagabond Dead Head (See "Hey Man You Like Jambands?") he was selling cid and I guess has not got on the road yet. Kind of trippy, it was only three days before that odd encounter.

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