Wednesday, July 1, 2009

hey man do you like jambands?

So I was walking down the street by MSG today and a dude called out to me "hey man do you like jambands?" trained to ignore anyone that yells at you on the street in, I walk for a minute then am like WTF? good guess. I don't really look like a hippie, I'm dressed in strait up work cloths, I have a bit of scruff and my hair is pretty tame. So it turns out it was an older tour rat/carny/dead head, who showed me his Steel your Face tattoo and appealed to me for some dough to catch a train to the next festival/carnival he was working. I told him I was indeed phamily and gave him the 8 bucks he needed. I figure I'm doing my scene a service by putting the money back into the community to people who need it. You come at me out of the blue with "hey man you like jambands?" on the street and it doesn't matter if I'm on my lunch break in work cloths, I'm going to talk to you. Despite what my republican friends say, tour rats are part of the scene and the hipster scene is to square to support wandering ascetics

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