Saturday, May 10, 2008

Led Zeppelin World Tour Rumors

According to this article in the Mirror, "Led Zeppelin are set to reform for a world tour after their triumphant one-off reunion concert...Singer Robert Plant, 59, was originally opposed to the idea but has been talked round by bandmates Jimmy Page, 64, and John Paul Jones, 62."

Although Plant killed any reunion tour rumors months ago, I guess they will never really go away. While I hope that I get a chance to actually see Led fucking Zeppelin, I'm not buying it just yet. This article doesn't seem to have any source for the information other than Whitesnake's frontman David Coverdale, who claims he will be the opening act, and that he expects a call any day from Led Zeppelin to confirm dates. This strikes me as a little bit sketchy. Not only is this guy the 3rd or 4th person to claim that they will be the opening act for the most anticipated tour in history, but considering that Led Zeppelin could get anyone in the world to open up for them, why would they choose Whitesnake?

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