Tuesday, January 12, 2010

O.A.R. = Jamband?

OAR is kind of an enigma...

cant blame the band for "selling out"

OAR was even jamband pop back in the day, alongside Jack Johnson and Dispatch,
light rock" reggae jamming, "cool kid," sing along, feel good, mdma tunes. They played good shows and the community feel was just as "real" as any jamband show. The festi scene at it's "peak" in the early 2000's (my college days) wasn't perfect, plenty of douchebags and all, but it was the best thing around. so respect. Preppies and white hatters, but there was and still is a coexistence among all types (of white kids) which is a great thing. It definitely lacks cultural diversity but that is a different story. Hipsters look at and do, dress and act whatever way other person does, this is encouraged strongly.

The counterculture will always be one of the most truthful and enjoyable (yet perilous) roads for an indigo to find their identity, it just needs to evolve to be a little less indulgent with it's dope use. This is shown with the current figure head (Trey) getting his addiction in check and emerging triumphant. Pharmaceuticals are the end game for many evolving to become Heroin 2.0. Even more then what Jerry had to deal with. Let our successes in taking care of our self and showing restraint take us farther then what our parents generation could not do.

Poker spoke to everyone who heard it back in the day somehow. Great tripping song.

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