Wednesday, July 1, 2009

phish flash god-the rumor mill

California is GONE


MinorOG said...

A couple things… how sure are we on capacity of the coachella grounds? The Coachella Fest is one where many people buy tix to just a single day… The majority of the fans of the artist that play at this fest aren’t hardcore and camp out for the weekend. Plus with just one stage this could open up a ton of room. That being said phish is known for playing in remote areas… indio is not exactly centrally located… besides tiny palm springs airport closest major airport is about 2 hrs away driving. But I got to think the question has to keep coming back to the mysterious satellite image of the possible Georgetown, TX site???

Dave Gunnells said…
“Omaha96: From I remember, the guy who had claimed he contacted officials in Georgetown, TX reneged on his claim. Someone else called the guy who owned the land shown in the satellite imagery animation and that person said no one was having a concert on his land. ”

Ya… but how hard would it be to pay the guy off that owns the land so he doesn’t spoil it?

All that being said who knows? Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the mohave desert would be quite the spot. AZ? NV? CA? TX?

ALBUM: Zepplin, Physical Graffiti

Anonymous said...

Why would God be pointing to Kansas? Unless my grade school geography is wrong, it's already been blacked out.