Monday, June 29, 2009

Camp Bisco - 9 - 2010

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Here is our huge post on Camp Bisco info, updated every year.

CAMP BISCO ANNOUNCES SECOND ROUND OF PERFORMERS FOR CAMP BISCO 9 3-DAY MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL IN MARIAVILLE, NEW YORK JULY 15-17 2010 Method Man, Ghostface Killah, & Raekwon ("Wu Massacre"),�Break Science With Special Guest Talib Kweli,�Holy F#ck,�Caribou, RAQ, Tipper, Beats Antique, Welder, and The Constellations Added to Performer Lineup� New Sustainability and Greening Initiatives Added For 2010 Atlanta, Georgia (April 22, 2010) - Camp Bisco has confirmed the second round of artists slated for Camp Bisco 9, the ninth annual three-day music and arts festival in Mariaville, New York this July 15-17, 2010. The newest artists joining the 50+ performer lineup at the multi-stage camping festival include: Method Man; Ghostface Killah; & Raekwon ("Wu Massacre"); Break Science with special guest Talib Kweli; Holy F#ck; Caribou; RAQ; Tipper; Beats Antique; Welder; and The Constellations. Boasting its most eclectic lineup to date, additional performers confirmed for the 2010 event are�The Disco Biscuits -�All 3 Nights; LCD Soundsystem; Ween; Thievery Corporation Live; Girl Talk; Bassnectar; Pretty Lights; Major Lazer; The New Deal; Diplo; Aeroplane; Rusko; Sunrise Silent Disco; The Album Leaf; Brothers Past; Dieselboy; Gift of Gab (of Blackalicious); Future Rock; SOJA; Telepath; Felix Cartal; Two Fresh; Kill the Noise; Eskmo; Orchard Lounge; Rubblebucket; Emancipator; Spiritual Rez; Sub Swara; Derek Plaslaiko; Big Gigantic; Earl Greyhound; The Black Seeds; Grimace Federation; C-mon & Kypski; Nobody Beats the Drum; King Britt; Dubskin; Woodhands; Justin Paul; Lee Mayjahs?: and DJ Everyday. In conjunction with Earth Day, Camp Bisco is also pleased to announce that new greening and sustainability initiatives have been introduced to the 2010 festival, including�sustainable sourced products,�camping education, campsite contests, recycling redemption incentives, green volunteer teams, and waste diversion audit and metrics reporting.�Working�to cut its total waste in half this year, Camp Bisco has enlisted the help of�Zerohero, a Colorado based company that works to lower the impact of events and festivals though zero-waste, renewable energy and education and The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, an educational, nonprofit organization dedicated to the responsible enjoyment and active stewardship of the outdoors by people, worldwide.� Camp Bisco 9 will once again be held at the picturesque Indian Lookout Country Club in Mariaville, New York. The expanded setup will include: a second stage in the main field, an improved location for the DJ and late night dance tent - complete with a surround sound system, a local artists and performance art stage. Indian Lookout Country Club is located approximately 20 minutes travel time from Albany, New York, and sits on 200 acres of rolling, grass fields. The grounds come equipped with full bathrooms; which include flush toilets and showers, as well as 24/7 bathroom attendants. Festival goers will have access to a full bar on site and a general store, which sells almost every necessity for a comfortable and care free experience. Tickets are available online at��and 1-800-594-TIXX, as well as at all FYE stores in New England and select outlets in New York state.�There will be two levels of VIP packages this year.�Level One, the VIP Experience, will be made available for $199 in addition to the 3-day festival pass and Level Two is a Platinum Experience, available for $349 in addition to the 3-day festival pass.�50 cents of every ticket sold will be donated to Headcount, a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization devoted to voter registration and participation in democracy. Camp Bisco 9 is promoted by MCP Presents and hosted by The Disco Biscuits.�Visit��for the most up to date information.

Our Review From 2009

Here are some mp3's of 2008 Disco Biscuits set at Camp Bisco. Then go buy them shits

Breakdown of Color War Teams from Camp Bisco
Orange - The original champions. New leadership. Gung ho on winning again. Always a force to be reckoned with, they dominate a lot of sleeper events. Nuff Said.
Green - Winners of 2006 Color War, and a close second every other year. TONS of girls on this team. (HINT - They need some guys. Big strong ones so they don't get decimated in tug-of-war.)
Yellow - By far the most team spirit out there. Notorious shit-talkers. Headed up by Yancy "Mr. Color War" Davis and Amber Toot. They haven't won yet, but they always have some tricks up the sleeve. They're due.
Purple - Last year's Champs, and always the LOUDEST. Double the captains of any other team. Returning captains Mike and Tara know the sweet taste of victory, and the bitterness of close defeat. For some reason, they always seem to have a megaphone.

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Bisco/Bikers Bonding at Indian Lookout Country Club
Growing up in New York City, I heard of music festivals that went on upstate at a campground called Indian Lookout Country Club (ILCC). Little did I know this was also home to “The Harley Davidson Rendezvous,” a motorcycle gathering that attracts bikers near and far. In my senior year of high school my friends and I packed our bags to go up to Indian Lookout Country Club to hear some music. Little did we know we were about to enter a different world, an autonomous state within a state, where bikers on ATVs were in charge, rather than the police. It is a place where yuppies and pacifists would look to Bikers and Hell’s Angels for safety. Interestingly enough, there has never been a violent incident involving a weapon, or even a fist fight. Everyone seems too scared of getting tackled by one of the 200 pound Hell’s Angels who have a presence at the campground. Since the 1960’s the Hells Angels have gained a reputation for running security for famous counter culture rock bands. This has lead to the musical “hippy” counterculture becoming engrained with biker culture. The sense of peace felt at the ILCC was stronger than anywhere else I have ever been and contrasted to other festivals such as “Woodstock Two,” where someone got stabbed, or another similar style music festival, where someone got pistol whipped. At ILCC the bikers take the place of the police presence, selectively enforcing security limited to only violent or dangerous crimes. This creates a sense of physical safety and at the same time encourages personal freedom rarely found anywhere else. I did not know at the time that this sense of civil liberties is a deep part of biker culture.
At the gate to the festival the security was tight and the searches thorough. This is an essential part of keeping the festival safe. Word has it staff have found everything from spiked bats to handguns. Though stories circulate of being hassled by bikers on Harley motorcycles or ATV’s, the feeling I got and the general consensus is that as long as you abide by the “law of that land”, which basically states “be peaceful and no glass,” then no one will bother you. The biker motto "Live and let live" is reflected in the feel of the campground in which a sort of peaceful anarchy takes place, where pacifist music fans and bikers coexist in a peaceful symbiosis. This is what one anonymous ILLC staff says about what it means to be a biker:
“Being a biker is a way of life as much as it is riding a bike. You don't stop being a biker when your bike blows up and you spend a year or more rebuilding it. No, you're still you. Happy just to be alive. And we have our priorities straight. We don't dress to impress. We don't care if someone disagrees with our preference of Levis over Dockers or well-worn boots over Gucci’s.”
ILCC is officially a “no-colors zone,” as well as “neutral territory”, this statement is made in many publications put out by ILCC to remind those visiting that it is a place where violence will not be tolerated. One of the phrases at the festival I saw printed on someone’s shirt was: “No one here is a stranger, just a friend you haven’t met.” I enjoyed this phrase and it contrasts sharply to the common notion people think about bikers, that they are rude, aggressively violent, neo-Nazis. I had heard stories of good deeds done by the bikers, helping younger stranded campers find their group or offering work exchanges for someone that had arrived with no money or ticket (imagine that). I participated in the work exchange program at one of these festivals; we were served meals three times a day by a friendly “vegan chef” and intermingled with the biker staff. I was surprised at the vegan food and that all these other biker stereotypes were breaking down all around me.
Numerous music festivals are held at Indian Lookout Country Club touted as “the only country club exclusively for bikers”. The number one event at Indian Lookout Country Club is still the “Harley Davidson Rendezvous” or “the vouz,” as it is endearingly called by the bikers. Founded by Kemp O’Connell, who passed on in 1994, the tradition gets passed on to the younger generation as older bikers inevitably take “that last highway off ramp”. The good times spent in the nation state of ILCC will never be forgotten, a place where libertarian beliefs and basic respect are the foundation of a well functioning society.
some video can be seen HERE

Visit for the most up to date information.


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As a rep for ILCC I can assure you that the Hell's Angels are not involved with ILCC or the " Harley Rendezvous " in any way other than maybe attending an event.

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