Monday, June 29, 2009

Desiderata festival

Desiderata Festival will take place at Gelston Castle Estate in Upper Central New York, immediately outside of Utica.

Camping, car camping, restrooms and showers, gorgeous ponds and creeks, fields and wooded areas, swimming, food, nearby lodging accommodations, easy transportation are abundantly available.

Gelston Castle Estate Official Map

More information about our new home..

Love-Bus takes people from New York City to Desiderata. More information..

Advance ticket pre-sale is now over...

Please note the following:

  • The gate will be open at all time starting on Thursday afternoon, through Sunday evening.
  • There are no day-passes offered for Desiderata.
  • Those who purchased advance tickets have been added to Desiderata admission list and will only need the PayPal purchase receipt and valid ID at the gate.

Some people were promoting this show at U-Melt @ Southpaw. This 4 day festival is more then just music, it is also about relaxation and spiritual seeking. there were some nice people promoting it at the U-Melt show, who will be playing the event as well, as just about every other crunchy festival this summer. if you haven't heard of a lot of these bands that is because many are big in europe and circles where you may run into a lot of attractive and or wealthy japanese, south american or indian young people.

CRYSTAL METHOD, INFECTED MUSHROOM, SuperJam feat. Adam Deitch and Tommy Hamilton, Cosmosis *live*, Optical, Space Tribe *live*, Capital J, U-melt, AJJA *live*, Grapes of Wrath, St8cyde Jump Up, Psylab, MJ Project, Digital Frontier, Onkle Dunkel *live*, Proper Villians, Heavy Hittahz, Inoxia *live*, Sw@t, The Omen, Dose the Alien, Jelly Headz *live*, Basha, MizEysis, Potent J, Jimo, Luis Campos, Conscious Pilot, Dirty Drop, Mexican Trance Mafia *live*, Mikey Parkay, Melorix *live*, Parus *live*, Primordial ooze *live*, Soren Larue, Prishvin Mess *live*, Progress *live*, Solix *live*, Transdriver *live*, YAB YUM *live*, DEPTH, DA, Phungeye, Lost Monster, The Oracle, Nexus, Ghost, Rola,Suspence, Loki, Bones Jones, Mentally ILL, Leila, Jabbit, Space One, Hambone, Dmilitant, Silas Maximus, Mike Parker, Nicky Twist, Dali, , Jordan Vesteyo, Atom, The Giver, Mcnasty, Tweek, Alex Ryan, Lou Elusivo, Sean Place, Mj Duke, Mike Sims, Egzail, Christopher Robbins *live*, Electronic Anynomous *live*, Nicky Bruise, Raj marathe, Clotho, Arod, Looney Tunes, DUBBS, PMC, Steve Nice, Don Stone *live*, Spring Break, Scooby Carolan, Drei, Gomer, Sogma, Teddy Glow and more!


gaian mind said...

hey i was one of the guys handing out flyers for this show. appreciate you spreading the good word

Andy said...

wow, this looks so weird in such a good way; thanks for sharing this thing!