Monday, May 19, 2008

Heady Tour '08

Alright phanners it's time for a small announcement. I'm going on tour; vending tour. In other words, I'm starting a mobile fruit vending business with Partyin' Peepette and some other close friends. After a year of hating law school, it's time to start loving life again. Considering my love for the festival and my lack of love for the idea of sitting behind a computer in a cubicle somewhere this Summer, this is a pretty sweet gig all around.

So come check us out! Just look for the stand selling different fruit smoothies and fruit salads served in waffle cone bowls. We'll be at Summercamp, BamaJam, and Rothbury for sure, and hopefully we'll get to do several more. I've been working on this project for months now but for some reason it doesn't really feel like it's actually happening yet, when in reality it is most definitely happening. It actually begins tomorrow when we leave for Summercamp. Wish me luck!


Dr. Pauly said...

Good luck! Maybe we'll cross paths along the way!

Rupert Entwistle said...

What did you think of SummerCamp? I thought it was just incredible.