Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Festival Additions

Two artist addition announcements of interest:

Rothbury just added Rodrigo y Gabriela to their already stellar lineup. Anyone who has not had the chance to catch this act is really missing out. The best way to describe their phenomenon is that it resembles two people beating the ever-living-crap out of their acoustic guitars yet somehow making beautiful music. I was really happy to have caught part of their show at Bonnaroo 07. I was really bummed when they canceled their appearance at the Echo Project in Atlanta back in November. Despite the hefty price tag for early bird tickets (over $200 on sale 2/27) this festival may be well worth it.

Summer Camp just added the Roots, Lotus, U-Melt, O.A.R., Future Rock, and others. The Roots are obviously a solid addition. Personally I could not be happier about the addition of Lotus to one of my favorite festivals. Lotus came through Lexington and played at The Dame a few weeks back on 2/7/08 and blew me away. Check out the audience recording here (particulary the "one last hurrah"). I mean, really, how could anyone not love a band that plays the theme from Zelda regularly?

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