Wednesday, September 26, 2007

WeTube Wednesdays: moe., Fillmoe.res, and

-Live Nation's got a fever, and the only more Fillmores!!! (this particular one will be located right outside of D.C.)

-moe.'s also got the Fillmore fever: they added 12/30 at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza (As a side note, I am trying to plan a New York New Year's run with moe. I am reaching out to you, my loyal readers, to help me figure out the details. Where should I fly into? Where should I stay? Please e-mail and help me out!)


-National Lampoon and Les Claypool will release "Electric Apricot: Quest For Festeroo" on November 9. This "side-splitting music mockumentary for the massive jam band universe that pokes loving fun at the legacies of cult bands and their fans" features appearances from Bob Weir, Mike Gordon, and Warren Haynes.

-thanks to Ace Cowboy for the cliff's notes for "You Will Make Money In Your Sleep: The Story of Dana Giacchetto," Phish's former money manager who jacked nearly 4 million garlic grilled cheeses (or the monetary equivalent) from the group

-Randy Ray interviewed Trey Anastasio and Tom Marshall a while's part three of his three-part interview

-Ratdog released a slew of Fall tour dates along the East coast

-Keller Williams released, ignited, launched, etc. the WMD'S Fall tour dates

-the Boss played a few hometown warm-ups in Asbury Park in preparation for his Fall tour

-the "definitive DVD" (whatever that means) of Jimi Hendrix's infamous Monterey Pop Festival performance will be released on October 16

-for you 'net radio nerds: Jango might be your ultimate fantasy of Pandora meets the Facebook. (For more details and a free trial, read THAT TRUNCHEON THING's shpeel of it.) Apparently being a VIB (very important blogger) in Jango's opinion, I was also sent one of these trial memberships. I only fooled around with it for a minute and thought it was alright; the songs seemed repetitive and there was not very much variety. Again, this was only an initial opinion

...and if you were wondering, the Pink Floyd reunion's still off...

I'm in a moe. mood: here's "It" from 3/14/07 at the Varisty Theatre in Baton Rouge, LA

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