Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ann Coulter a Deadhead?!?

This is just hilarious! The notoriously evil Ann Coulter claims to have been a Deadhead in this 2006 interview. Sounds kind of legit, though some of her answers are a little too vague to me...


-Hidden Track interviewed Page McConnell about all sorts of stuff...

-Mike Gordon's got to show off his new bass last week with Gov't Mule

-how do you get 60 million people to fight over 20 million tickets? Hold a Led Zeppelin reunion show of course...

-Austin City Limits was last weekend; other than a freak fire see how these folks liked it: [Hidden Track] [Billboard]

And I'm glad someone got the outro to "JaJunk" from the Taft the other night! Although the sound quality of the clip isn't amazing you can see why I am still raving about it

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