Monday, July 9, 2007

Give Me Little Drink!

The Rolling Stones' "Loving Cup" has always been a favorite of mine, especially when its not the Stones playing it. Although YouTube left much to be desired, I was able to find a few pretty good renditions...

The Rolling Stones, Studio Rehearsal, 1972

Phish, 12/09/95, Albany, New York

Phish, 02/16/97, Wartesaal, Germany

Keller Williams, 03/27/00, Private Party in Oregon (check out the hair!)

I know that there's at least one version by My Morning Jacket from Bonnaroo 2006 and a version by ALO, but I can't find any of these on video. For those of you who still haven't filled your Loving Cup head over to Phish & Chips' Loving Cup archive for audio files.

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The Knitter said...

Excellent renditions, love the third one. It's CLASS.