Monday, April 30, 2007

STS9 @ Headliner's 4/26/07

I've known about Sound Tribe Sector 9 for a while (hell, everyone knows about them). However, beyond a few archive shows and assorted podcasts, I have been largely unfamiliar with the group. That is until 4/26/07 at Headliner's in Louisville. The show was not only my first Sound Tribe experience, it was also Sound Tribe's first Kentucky experience.

Two DJ's took the stage about 9:30 to a crowd that couldn't have been more than 300 people and spun for an hour before more people showed up and Sound Tribe came on around 10:30. My ability to write a more detailed review of the show is kind of hampered by the fact that I'm not very familiar with specific titles of songs (combined with the fact that their songs have no words which makes it even harder to write a detailed review).

Who needs a lengthy review anyway when you've got cell phone camera pics! The bottom line? Get out and see this band. They're all really talented musicians and bring a fantastic light show with them. In terms of other shows in the region to compare this one to: more fun than Umphrey's 11/15/06 @ Bogart's, not as fun as Umphrey's 11/16/06 @ Headliner's; better than moe. 2/3/07 @ Taft, not as good as moe. 3/1/07 @ the Tabernacle.

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Rachel said...

So does that mean you'll be attending the STS9/SCI/Disco Biscuits concert in berkeley instead of 10,000 lakes? Decisions, decisions.