Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NYC: vote tomorrow to get money out of politics!

So tomorrow your New York City Council will vote on whether or not to support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that declares corporations are not people and money is not speech.

Because of your past support, I know you agree with me that we have to get money out of politics. I'm hoping you will join me in asking your city council member to support this resolution.

You can identify your member and find contact information here. Please contact them today and ask them to support Resolution 1172. This is important.

Three weeks ago the Los Angeles City Council passed a similar measure. That vote was a huge bang heard across the country. Now, if the largest city in America passes almost the exact same resolution, it will be a crucial step forward in the fight against money in politics.

It will give a turbo boost to the cause if the two biggest cities in America representing more than 12 million people stand in support of getting money out in less than a month.

Let's take the fight to Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, Little Rock, Des Moines and many other cities and towns across this country. Each victory leads to the ultimate victory in Washington, D.C.

But first we have to win tomorrow. Please contact your member and tell them to support Resolution 1172.

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