Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Phish Rockband Video Game

this post from a very strange european phish blog seems to "confirm" this!.aspx#comment

"The game will cover all of Phish career with live recording only, from Colorado 88 to NYE 2010-2011.
Several modes will be available : Career ala The Beatles Rock Band, Concert with 2 randomly-generated sets, Practicewith exercises from the band practice room.
Each track will offer real improvisation sections (score based on melodic and rythmic harmonies) and most of them will feature real concert footage in HD.
Of course, all the plastic instruments will be supported, including the new keybord and the 102-buttons guitar fromRock Band 3.
The game is developped with close participation of Phish members and will feature an exclusive 30 minutes in-studio jam.
Just like, every future DLC (albums, concerts) will benefit to The Waterwheel Fundation."


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