Monday, August 9, 2010

RIP Jerry

It's hard to believe that it was 15 years ago today that we all got the news of the passing of Jerry Garcia. It was one of those moments that you horrifically remember so vaguely. For me, I remember where I was, what I was doing and what it felt like when the tears wetted my cheeks. It was just a few weeks earlier that I saw the Dead perform their only night of what should have been a 3 night run at Deer Creek in Noblesville, IN. He's gone, but not forgotten. Thank you for the memories...old and new.

Rest in Peace Jerry Garcia - 8.1.1942 - 8.9.1995

Enjoy these Garcia quotes:

"And for me there's still more material than 20 lifetimes that I can use up"

"Death comes at you no matter what you do in this life, and to equate drugs with death is a facile comparison"

"Stuff that's hidden and murky and ambiguous is scary because you don't know what it does"

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