Thursday, June 24, 2010

Listen to Phish...Phrequently

The first leg of Phish Summer 2010 tour is in full force so far this summer. If you should just so happen to be in a similar, unfortuante position as myself, you are sitting in a place far, far from most shows. I plan to make the 8 hour trek from sunny Orlando, FL to the Atl for the 4th of July bash. Unfortunately, 2 shows will not Phill me up!
Lucky for us Phish-heads, we are fortunate to fein for a band that allows taping and we can therefore listen to our favorite band...for free! Of course, you can pay $$ and hook up the soundboard quality with sites like and, but rememeber the gritty days of tape trading?
Hopefully no one has forgotten that stack of Maxells that many of us used to hoarde. Those same 'ole folks are still at it in the tapers section. Only now technology allows them to work an audience taped show in to serious shape. I personally got away from listening to AUD recordings in exchange for the inexpensive, superb quality of SBDs, but recently decided to give the tapers another chance.
I remembered a site that many of you are likely familiar with called, and was excited to see that they are posting good quality AUD versions of Phish shows. An even better aspect is that shows are often posted the following day. Don't be upset if you live in a far away land, just weigh out your options and take advantage of the free music available to you. Let's face it, SBDs have exquisite, crisp sound quality, but a good AUD recording can bring you just a little bit closer to experience.

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