Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stormy Monday

In honor of the Allman Brothers run at the Palace here is my take on the song Stormy Monday.

At Ananda Ashram on my yogic journey I jammed and was schooled by fellow musician David Ellenbogen, being a jazz musician he taught me about different jazz progressions. particularly tritonal substitutions and other substitutions. Knowing that I love the blues he taught me how these sorts of substitutions are incorporated into the song "Stormy Monday", made famous (to me at least) by the Allman Brothers and Written by T-Bone Walker. I love the extra jazz chords such as the Am, Bm♭and B, at the turnaround to D. I was listening to this great music theorey podcast and it basically stated that nowhere in music theory will you find this Bm♭ in this sort of 1-4-5 progression. That's why the blues is so cool and mystical, it is based on emotion,so all sorts of messy notes work, major scales minor scales, and edgy dissonant notes that seem out of place but it just work so good.

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