Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Clean Vibes 2010 Season

I did this 6 years ago and let me tell you its the most fun you can have while being covered in trash.

I hope that everyone has been doing great over the past few months and that dreams of picking up trash and recycling are not too far from your mind - no matter how much snow you may have in your neck of the woods!

I wanted to send you all a quick note to let you know that we are now accepting applications for paid positions for the 2010 season. The new applications can be downloaded from our website at:

Please be sure to read the descriptions of the positions carefully. Also, as always, all applicants have the option of submitting an audio version of the narrative section of the application in case you feel more comfortable speaking your answers than writing them.

**If you are only interested in volunteering with Clean Vibes this year, and you are receiving this email, you do NOT need to reapply as you have already been accepted within our volunteer database. We are in the process of revising our volunteer database to make it more user friendly for folks. As soon as we have it up and running, several shows, including Bonnaroo, will be added to the database for sign up.

If you have any questions, please email me at Please read through all of the information on the Employment page of the website carefully before emailing with questions.

Thanks for all of your hard work and positive energy over the years – we hope to see you again this season!

For the Earth,

Anna B.
Clean Vibes

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