Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Macpodz Sullivan Hall

Going to stop by this show on Friday on high recommendation from friend Robert Chapman. Will probably just stop by briefly on my way to see my jamband hating friends. Going to bring my huge SLR camera and hopefully get a few decent pictures.

Here's some info:
Friday, January 29th - -$10
Bio: Ann Arbor's jazz rock outfit, The Macpodz, throw some of the coolest parties around. With a little bit of everything in its musical grab bag, The Macpodz easily please music lovers, from fans of far out jazz to those rootsy jam band-style grooves. The inventor and namesake of its own brand of funky dance music, coined 'disco-bebop,' The Macpodz pay homage to kinky musical concoctions like the groovy, unstructured big band instrumental works of the late, great Frank Zappa with psychadelic tinges of sunglasses-and-afro era Miles Davis. With two solid albums under its belt and a slew of foot-shuffling fans across the region, The Macpodz impress as only an open-minded band can, taking the core of genuine American music and tossing in tasteful touches of world music grooves and lots and lots of swinging horn licks that rouse and comfort all at once.

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