Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Camp Bisco 9

The date announcement is coming very soon so keep an eye out!
Follow this PR dude Chad to get the announcement before anyone else.

In other news, The Biscuits tell Spin about the origin of the name "The Disco Biscuits" Here is the first line from the article could there be any worse journalism?

"Why "The Disco Biscuits"?: "I've never told anyone the real story before," says band leader and keyboardist Marc Brownstein"

(Brownstein plays the bass, and is arguably the leader.)

Marc is RIGHT ON, with the best and worst band names of all time, I have thought the exact same thing

Best Band Names Ever: "Radiohead is the name of all names. Arcade Fire, too. Actually, when I was growing up the arcade where I used to hang out all the time burnt down. So that name has some special meaning for me.

Worst Band Name Ever: The String Cheese Incident guys are friends of mine, but I gotta say that their name is not cool in the slightest."

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Anonymous said...

when is it coming? the announcement.