Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Union Street Singers

Alex's new band is indeed angelic. We are kicking around names such as Union Street Singers, Angel Band, Village Green Preservation Society, Hard Times Killing Floor String Band. Any suggestions will be mulled over and considered. We recorded an old school set, crowding around a mic in my singers apartment on Union Street. I'm on the Dobro, the levels definitely need some work, I will be playing some banjo breaks as well. The mix is horrible right now and that will be fixed on further recordings, we just need to get used to recording around one mic as is the tradition for bluegrass, moving back and forth for breaks.

Download these ruff, early, poorly mixed recordings for your listening pleasure and leisure.

If you want to book a gig or work with our band in some way, we will be available to play shows starting January. You will be glad you got in on this early as we will remember all our little homies when Fleet Foxes is changing our guitar strings for us.

This one is for Skydog

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