Friday, October 16, 2009

Hood Internet & Galactic Brooklyn Bowl

Pics and short review up soon. What to say? I infiltrated the NY nitrous mob with my black hoodie, Yankee hat and Northface. They are NOT violent here in NY and in no way organized, it's a couple of old deadheads, who pay college kids in balloons and some change to hang out so they can make a living wage at venues like Sullivan Hall and Brooklyn Bowl. Dudes putting his wife through school and wouldn't hurt a fly. He actually read my blog posts before about the Nitrous Mafia, and was very cognizant about the crazy conspiracy theories being tossed around the internet.

They were playing the bass line to Tupac's "Hit Em' Up." One of the first bass lines I learned. Then the trombone player started freestyling some crazy weird raps. It was awesome, he ran around the crowd with his trombone, jumping up on ledges and all through the bowling alley, people loved it. Anyone has the setlist or any info they would like to conribute to by article please do so. Last time I saw Galactic was in St Pete.

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