Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jambands.com Launches New Website

This was LONG overdue, after taking flack for years from lame ass neckbeard blogs(free williamsburg), the site has done something about their crappy layout. The word "jambands" is no longer "hot" so the site seemed to fade into obscurity except for the die hards. The old page looked like something strait from the Waback Machine. For a while it was all jumbled tables and not even any CSS.

Jambands will hold our own on the internet, we were here first and we will adapt with the times. The Phish/Dead/Allmans revival has infused much needed energy into this resilient music scene.

The site looks great and seems to be the begging of the next revolution for improvisational music.

I've Endured, Del McCoury, Organge Peel 07/10/2008

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amous said...

I didn't really find anything wrong with the last one, I kind of liked the old school purple.