Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Widespread Panic - Allman Brothers 08-22-09 CMAC

I'm almost ashamed to post these pictures of the shitty video we took at the Widespread/Allman Brothers show. But it's what I got, oh yeah, for better or worse the tanks were out in full effect, everyone seemed to be on their best behavior though, as we all have the internet now, even goons and wooks. I'm going to put together an ABB/WSP mix inspired by what Scott at Hidden Track put together. It will be the classic Allmans.

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phish tank said...

Mafia was in full effect at widespread and AAB last night in nh. First of all nitrous was everywhere. So this kid has a tank and is apparently ' stepping on mafia turf'. So three huge fucking dudes come over take the tank and smash the dudes face in stomping him till he was out! Then a girl my buddy was with dragged himback to his car till his gf came and helped him. At ABB?!??

This was already stated but again...shits out of control. I this still been buying balloons very hypocritical. But that's it I'm done.


Save yourself some money. Fuck these guys bashing heads at a hippy shoe in NH ?? Come on guys this shit is out of control. Dont buy em !