Tuesday, August 18, 2009

U-Melt/Jim Loughlin at Sulivan Hall

Here is a picture of the set list. U-Melt (great band bad name) played a funky "Get Down On It"( Kool and The Gang) and they jammed with Jim Loughlin from .moe who they split the bill with.

This guy brought out a tank, and I was really skeptical until I found out it was just a guy trying to support his family and the whole organized thing was just a fantasy. It was going all night even while a complete brigade of mounted cops passed by. Trotting down the street.

Big up to Jim Cunningham who I saw at the show Honest Tune writer and fellow MHS alumni! Speaking of MHS alumni, just found out U-Melts manager also went to my high school and knows my sister pretty well.

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