Friday, August 14, 2009

Camp Bisco Color War Results

not like i do this, as i am most likely sleeping or something but read this.

As another year of Camp Bisco and Color War have passed us by, we are happy to officially announce PURPLE as the winner of this year's war! Every team showed up to play, and we had our biggest turnout ever this year, solidifying Color War's home at Camp Bisco for years to come. Final breakdown of points is as
GREEN: 186

ORANGE: 148 We started again with our campground marathon, our 2nd year doing it, and the second year of Purple victory. A video was taken from the back of our pace car, which should surface shortly. Thanks to ALL our runners for coming out in the heat to start our games off the right way! As always, ladies arm wrestling was a fan favorite, and drew in huge crowds to see the GrooveBot ALMOST take it down for Yellow, until getting destroyed by Dana from Purple. Oh yeah, there were a couple guys that wanted to hold hands. I was a bit disappointed in the showing for the mustache contest but as you can see, there were a FEW notable entries, without spacebirdjosh showing up to ruin it for everyone. I really have no idea what's going on here. I can only assume that Aaron needed more sunscreen, and Bassel offered to help. My own beautiful addition to the games, the Bacon-Off, was a smashing success again! Pictured here are our esteemed judges (from left) Shannon, Tyson, Evan, and Stubbs, pondering the entry from Yellow, a bacon pot pie of sorts. It was absolutely incredible, and won the contest...though Purple's purple bacon pasta with bacon meatballs was pretty good too. (All recipes available at a later date) Orange showed incredible prowess at the Human Knot, and came in 2nd in the spelling bee and best shirt, but fell short in a few other events. Don't worry Orange, there's always next year! Purple DOMINATED the JOUST, and shortly there after we were asked to please remove our cans from the we did in the only way we know how. (thanks to mike wren for the video) Green team brought it HUGE in the spirit department, bringing their own mascot and cheering section, as well as keeping my and my refs quite hydrated and happy all day. No Color War is complete without a visit from Magner, who showed up to judge our "Best Nughuffer Story" contest. This video needs no intro...the winning story starts at about 6 minutes in. LINK Overall, everyone had a great showing this year. We kept some new games, and lost some old ones, but next year will be BIGGER THAN EVER. Watch out for Green team next year, they won't be rookies anymore!!

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