Sunday, July 12, 2009

Surviving Walshstock

Walshstock is a small festival thrown in Vermont by a bunch of Irish prep school/frat boy hippies, who might be related to Timothy Leary. It is rugged camping in their backyard on a farm, and basically some kegs and stage in the middle of the woods mixed with a lot of drugs. I went up there with some city kids who hate jambands and it was hilarious. The bands that played, WAGAN (this new band is playing a fun festival this summer), Funk Wagon and The Halfway Crooks were amazing. but really made me realize how much endless jamming on the same blues chords/scales that jambands do. This my highschool buddies and former music major/prodigy pointed out. Though I grew up with hip hop I cam to love jamming, the common ground here is summed up in Camp Bisco, massive parties in the middle of the woods are pretty awesome(but best when the weather is nice.) Hippies have been doing this up since the 60's and have perfected the giant rave party to a science, (see Rothbury, Bonnaroo, Langerado, Camp Bisco.) The hipsters chilled hard in the most rugged of camping conditions there was absolutely no campground, nor could you camp by your car like at most festivals. There were just tents in the middle of a field and it rained off and on the whole time. It was wet, cold and primitive but the NYC crew whethered it as well as any seasoned wookie or tour rat ever could. One good thing about camping is that you can leave behind the little things that bring you down in the city and forget about them for a while. The air is pure and trees are cool. One of the solid parts of this mini festival that made it a legit festie experience was the incorporation of psychedelic drugs which always make a party more real. If nyc wasn't such a stressful place they would definitely have more of a prominent role in . I road up in my van with a creative DJ, who was definitely experienced and probably has shamanic potential, he makes music and podcasts and I think he could potentially turn on a lot of kids in NYC. So thanks for the experience hipsters you were fun to chill with and I realize now that fun is what its all about no matter what kind of music you like.☮

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