Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nitrous Mafia Vibes Murder- Altamont 2009-The Death of the Festival

After some "in field" investigation at the u melt show this past weekend this sums up what i see as the truth, these people aren't really as organized as we thought and most are just dudes trying to make a buck. the guy i met was nice and just trying to support his family, based out of NJ. The NY gas people are NOT the Philly people, they are old Dead Heads with a bunch of college buddies that they pay off in gas to hang out and help out. They are NOT violent, Not organized (beyond 5-6) people per crew. nothing like this huge conspiracy crap that was mentioned on the Headcount blog interview with the security. They are not making huge bank, its just fun to make to make things into these mythic legends. Maybe some people from Philly are violent, but they act alone. You can usually spot the aggro sketchballs from a mile away.

I love how hippies think everything is so organized...Nitrous mafia, The Family, Hippy mafia...whatever you call it.

People know who they know, and work with folks they can think there is any more sinister organization to the whole thing (the suggestion that this thread makes) is very funny

I guaruntee ther is more "organization" to your local weed scene/chain than there is to all the randoms that have been bringing tanks on tour through the years.

Just my $.02
Please contact Detective John Burke or Detective Lynn Gorman at 203-581-5233 or 203-581-5228. We are so very sorry about your friend. Thank you for your assistance.

I have been writing for years about why Indian Lookout Country Club Is great because they choose a few laws to enforce and do it well, one of which is NO NITROUS, the bikers do a WAY better job at this than the cops and therefore keep the shady, greedy NO2 mafia out. These people are way shadier then anyone because the nature of their business, HUGE profit and need to be extra shady while "dealing." Mostly from Philly these ultra sketch balls are pulling 50k a show, enough to pay off local authorities, they are getting way out of hand and now exist only to prey on the scene. When I saw the balloons going crazy right outside MSG this spring during the Dead i thought it was funny. Now I am starting to see there is a violent side that has no place in this subculture of pacifism. scroll down and read shit to know whats going on. Buy your own tank and don't let these fucks exhort you for being ont their "turf." There is no room for mafia bullshit in jamband music. We need the Angels back.
Meanwhile while we get organized join this group.


pappa smurf said...

my tent was one row away from where they discovered his body
i heard the screams for a medic for atleast a half hour before anyone came, i spoke to lots of people who saw the body. bruised from head to toe, partially wrapped in a tarp, face burned intensively with what seemed to be cold air. The Philly nitrious mafia definitaly did this. those fuckers are such scumbags i watched them all weekend. supposivly this dude had his own tank and he was supposivly trying to steal from the other dealers all weekend. alsoooo that night there madddd fireworks were set off consecutively, the 5 dollar fatty dealers i made friends with in the tent next to us told me they probably were used to cover his screams as he was beat to death. Tanks do not belong at festies, the ppl who ride those things are full blown retarted. save vibes, search cars, take tanks. Man that was a sweet ass time though, didnt eat or sleep for 4 days solid!

same howe said...

Interesting. I will say this - I saw Bob Weir and Ratdog at Klein in Bridgeport last year. Was very good, but there was this presence of very shady characters pushing NO2 very aggressively. Would not surprise me one bit if they were mob related.

yque52 said...

When I first came to the US forty four years ago from Mexico, I found "hippies" to be the most welcoming of all groups in the Bay Area. They fought against the war in Vietnam and there was even a free store owned by hippies around the corner from my house where you could get free clothes. I pray peace for the young man found dead. May God embrace his family in this difficult time. Viva the 60's's never over!

psematic said...

A camper at the site, who asked to be identified only as Matt B., said when he woke up at 5:30 a.m. the campsite was abuzz with rumors. When he wandered out of his camping area, he said he saw the dead body. "Somebody found his body as the sun was coming up," he said.
Matt B. said the body, which had been covered in a tarp, was swollen and appeared purple and bruised.

At a press conference just before noon, Police Chief Joseph Gaudett said police received a call about the man's body at 7:06 a.m.


The_Taxman said...

"the body that was found is at the moment assumed not to have anything to do with vibes - the guy had his throat cut and was burned and wrapped in a sheet or something, but they're thinking it was just someone ditching a body as there wasn't anything identifying the guy as a vibes attendee. then again that could just be the story in order not to freak people out..."

how is that not supposed to freak people out... if that is the case... this means a murderer or multiple murderers killed someone, burned them, brought them to a music festival and then partied???

I would not doubt for a minute this had to do with the NO2 fam...I had to witness first hand a murder down in NOLA at a panic show probably 5 years ago where a nitrous mafia crew was running tanks, pulled a gun and shot someone... not fucking cool at all

Anonymous said...

my friend brought his own tank to hampton and this crew attempted to extort money from him... charge him a fee to have his own tank in his own room

Anonymous said...

this is very sad, indeed. all the posts i have been readin all over the web, are about the same, it's a shame that the local authorities arn't doing something about it...

COME to hookahville Music festival... no bad people, or attitudes!

no foul play???? said...

My buddy and myself were woken up by the green saturn pulling into the empty spot next to his car, directly to the front and left of our tent. They pulled in quickly at an angle and had to back up to straighten out. I noticed it was a standard when they shifted. The window of our tent was unzipped, and I was able to see the car. I was still half asleep and recovering from a great night, and not expecting an event like this to take place. I heard them say something about somebody calling the cops, or they should call. Then something about a blanket and how it had puke on it. They def. sounded nervouse.

I then exited the tent to the left, away from the saturn to use the cement bathroom a few rows over. I was in the bathroom for 3 mins. max and returned to the tent. As I did, I saw the backs of 2 guys standing outside their car which had penn plates. At least one of them was wearing a baseball cap. One of them was bigger than the other one. I got back into the tent to go back to sleep. The saturn then backed out and drove away.

Only a few minutes later, a guy walking past noticed the legs sticking out from undernieth the tarp. He nudged him and got no response. "Hey buddy, you alright?" he asked several times with no response. I then perked up in the tent to see what was going on. I saw the guy and his girlfriend standing over the body. I saw the legs pertruding out from under the tarp. The man then removed the tarp from the body and it was very evident the guy had past. I then exited the tent again and saw the body faced down in the grass. His shirt was pulled half way up his back and yes it did look bruised and not normal. But that is caused by pooling of blood in the body after the heart has stopped pumping. I didn't call 911 because my phone was dead. I would have been the first one to call if I had the chance. So the green saturn was no bullshit.

The first saftey officer with the yellow shirt showed up, so I went over to him and explained what I had seen and i wanted to help. There were more saftey officer's and then the s.o.c. people started to come. It wasn't until I spoke to the first police officer that I noticed the tarp covering the body was from our campsite. It was tied off to 4 places. My truck passenger side mirror, our large tent center pole, staked to the ground with a spare tent pole, and my buddies car. We had cut the tarp off the two vehicles and the tent before we crashed the night before. So it was only held down slightly at 1 point. I had not noticed if the tarp was still in front of our large tent when I used the bathroom, but the two guys had an opportune time to grab the tarp when I did. My buddy had taken a leak next to his car during the night and there was nothing there at that point.

Myself and 5 friends all had contact with the tarp. So our fingerprints had to be eliminated from it. They had brought a portable fingerprint press and took all of our prints, then put the tarp into an evidence bag. I beleive there was no foul play involved. I belive the two kids freaked out and just got rid of the body. I spent plenty of time with the cops and other personel. Everyone I spoke to ruled out foul play immediately.

To the family, I am so very sorry for your loss. I couldn't and wouldn't just stand by and not speak up after I saw what happened. I wish I just could have noticed a plate number from the car. Or had approached the two individuals when they had pulled in, but i never immagined something like that would be going on. I hope the people responsible, or whoever it was I saw that morning come forward so the truth can be told. Much peace and love vibe tribe!

Erin said...

to: no foul play????
Jay is my cousin, and if possible I'd like to talk with you about what you saw, you can email me at - Erin

Anonymous said...

all i have to say is rest in peace jay...and to everyone else spreading these stupid rumors that the "nitrous mafia" did are all wrong...jay is friends with them all...we are all mourning...

Anonymous said...

A lot of the crew was from Detroit in 2009. Saw them at every Phish show and Dead Spring tour. Shady Shady.

I'd say there were 20 in the crew. The money collector was a real skinny junked out dude with black hair, long jean board style shorts, black wife beater most of the time.

Couple of older guys, a little cleaner, looked like they were surplus tank supply/security. the rest of the crew was a bunch of nobodys. one with a cleft lip, another half gangster with a tigers tattoo, most wearing D-Town clothes. All goons under 25.

Typical 2 tanks with 4 up front selling balloons, 4 "security", and 2 signaling. One guy banging the tank, one guy collecting the coin. The only problem they had was tanks freezing up, otherwise the operation was smooth

PhillyMafia4life said...

Hahhaahaaa. Stupid fucker shouldn't had fucked with our crew. Let this be a warning to all you fake ass family bitches. We run all festies hoe bags. Now go smoke a dick.

Anonymous said...

to phillymafia4life either you are a fake or perhaps you are real, but guess what? you will be sorry in the end. We know who you are so you poor thing, you better look out.. :-)

Phillymafia4life said...

Hey anonymous, sorry for the late reply I was busy burning a dirty patchwork wearing custie in the face with my no2 tank. I rammed a heady glass dildo up his ass too. Man in Philly I run shit. You feel sorry for me? Well I will see your ass on the lot. I will fuck you up and burn your greasy ass with my gas bitch. So borrow your moms ATM card and hot the tour.

Anonymous said...

to phillymafia4life:
hmmmmmm that's not what I heard.. you are so pathetic...your number will be up real sooner than you think.. and then one less hateful vile person in this world.

Anonymous said...

boycott nitrous mafia! buy your own!

Anonymous said...

I heard about these guys at Harvest Fest and thought it was a big joke, until I started researching. This is a scary trend for festivals that normally pride themselves on peace and love. The only thing that will stop this is VIGILANCE and moreover to BOYCOTT these guys. If you really have to huff hippy crack at a fest bring your own, or make sure what your buying comes in a cartridge. Keep these GREAT times rolling!

alex said...
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Anonymous said...

its N20

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Drip420 said...

hey okay...i have sold gas for a while and we are not affliates with the nitrous mafia bc most of them do their own product to much and turn out to be crackheads that proceed to do violent things...there r sum good ppl in nitrous mafia but most are douches. I suggest if you want to buy gas at a concernt ask if they are nitrous mafia if they say yes then walk the fuck away there r plenty of other tanks out there. eventually they will lose buisness at a EOTO show (ppl frm string cheese) in miami i ran a tank and i saw nitrous mafia out there and they started gettin mad at me for takin their buisness one threatened to pull a gun out on me and i said "go ahead pull a fuckin gun out on a girl u fuckhead" then he walked away bitchin of course. when i didnt really take their buisness they jus came up to me asked if i was nitrous mafia i said fuck no dude then he proceeded to buy sum balloons and talk shit ab them which of course then i started talkin shit

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

did yall see the article in the village voice its pretty poorly written. i still love the publication though