Monday, June 22, 2009

Underground Brooklyn Warehouse/Loft Party with U-Melt

Meanwhile this weekend while Reuban was on tour with phish....

U-Melt is a band that has a lot of potential, (I outline this in detail on the mighty Jambase) They are one of the few great bands of the new generation carrying the torch for the "jamband" genre; A word people in the music business shy away from now as it is synominous with anti-corporate anti-greed and anti-radio play. so basically it doesn't sell tons or albums. The whole concept of jambands is great though, going on tour, and will always be loved. Traveling the land of the brave and free and playing great improvisational music. My friend and partner in gonzo journalism Rob lives in this old art gallery with a really cool layout, a stage, sound booth and a bar. These guys live there and the place borders on residential/commercial. it has an elevator in the building so bands can transport their gear and all this really cool art laying around the owner of the apartment has kept there. Everywhere you look there is something mind expanding and best of all there are no hipsters! Even if there were, the vibe about the place has one just want to check their ego at the door and get funky, did I mention you can chill on the roof? Because this is not a proper "certified" venue it is totally illegal! which makes it a lot more fun, this is why the show could not be publicized and sadly very few U-Melt fans knew about it. Of course this made it extra special too. There will be some more unannounced shows coming up, and I'll drop a word on here or my facebook about them. Some other bands who have played there so far include The Brew and The Macpodz.

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