Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rothbury 2008 (or These Rothburys Taste Like Rothburys): Disco Biscuits Late Night

I've been trying to write a review of the Disco Biscuits' late night show from Rothbury for a few hours now and I just can't seem to do it. There are only so many times you can use descriptive words like "amazing" "awesome" "face-melting" "jaw-dropping" and "awe-inspiring" in one review, and these are the only words that I can think of to describe this show.

In all seriousness, I did not write a single thing down during the show, did not make a mental note of anything they could have done better; I didn't even dance during this show. I literally stood there in complete awe asking myself "who do they think they are?" for 3+ hours.

I have nothing more to say other than this: the Disco Biscuits fucking killed it at Rothbury.

07/03/08 Rothbury Music Festival, Rothbury, MI
Set I: World Is Spinning, I-Man> Digital Buddha> Run Like Hell1> Digital Buddha1, Home Again, Shelby Rose> The City> Orch Theme> Shelby Rose, Wizards in Winter
Encore: Story Of The World, Rockafella> Run Like Hell
1 with Murph (STS9)

In the meantime I've got a bunch of videos:

Orch Theme (1)

Orch Theme (2)

Run Like Hell

The City

Digital Buddha

If anyone captured the Iclips broadcast of this show, please e-mail me.


the joker said...

i watched the iclips broadcast and they were fucking on fire. i only thought it dragged a little during orch theme; and why are they playing wizards in winter in the middle of a summer festival i will never know. but im waiting for this one on tape...the I-Man> Digital Buddha> Run Like Hell1> Digital Buddha had me jumping up and down in my living room. said...

Isn't iclips the best? I can't wait to sit on my couch and watch All Good this weekend.

Have you seen these fools who hate the biscuits and apparently love the dick?