Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Biscuits Busted on Way to Bonnaroo; Hilarity Ensues

This is hilarious! From Spinner:

The Disco Biscuits took their late-night set to new heights on Friday at Bonnaroo, performing straight on 'til daybreak. A three-hour marathon that went more than an hour past their 4am scheduled stop, the Biscuits had special encouragement to play their hearts out -- it was a direct order from Tennessee's Cumberland County police department, who stopped them en route, searched their tour bus, and wrote citations to certain members of the band and crew for carrying personal amounts of marijuana.

During the song 'Nughuffer,' bassist Marc Brownstein recounted the events with his typical humor and flair, claiming the officer hugged him and told the band to "play the best set of their life," even after confiscating their pot and writing citations. Brownstein then asked the officer if he could have just a small amount of it back so he could twist one up for the final 90 minute stretch to the festival. When the cop obviously said no, Brownstein told him he was going to do a search of his tour bus twice as hard as the police because he was sure he could find something left, somewhere. We're pretty sure he was right.

I couldn't think of a more appropriate to end this post than with a little 03/27/99 Run Like Hell -> Nughuffer

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