Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Camp 08 (or how many idiots does it take to make a smoothie?) Part 2


Based on the story so far, how do you, the reader, think we resolved the sign issue? That's right, as you probably guessed, we did in fact make a "Smoothie" sign out of duct tape on the front of our tent. Other than that, Thursday was pretty uneventful. We passed the health inspection in the morning without any problems. Go us. Smoothie-wise, Thursday sucked: we had 15 customers all day; we made more smoothies to trade with the the Pizza-on-Wheels folks next door than we sold that day. I wasn't worried yet though, because we didn't really expect anyone to buy our smoothies or fruit bowls on Thursday; you want a beer after waiting in line and setting up your tent, not a smoothie. We still came up with a bunch of stupid ways to try and get people to buy smoothies, my favorites being "smoothies, longer dreadlocks with every bite!" and "molly smoothies, extra vitamin MDA!"

Music-wise, we had a lot of down time to explore, and wound up catching a decent amount of Tea Leaf Green. Let me just say, I am now a Reed Mathis believer. This guy brought so much energy to the show it wasn't even funny; at times it sounded like he was playing a totally different and better song on the bass than the rest of the band was playing. Although it was a pretty boring setlist, this show was definitely an A-/B+. If Reed Mathis becomes the permanent bass player for this band they are guaranteed to go places.

I didn't see any of Zoso, the Led Zep cover band, but don't really think I missed anything. We closed the booth down around 11:00 and headed to the barn for the late night U-Melt show. I was completely sold on U-Melt for the first half of their set. Great, rocky dance music. They also had a fantastic light show to boot. Things started getting really hot and then out of nowhere the band went into a cover of Seal's "Crazy" (you remember that crappy song "no we're never gonna surviiiiiive, unless...") and completely lost me. Although this band is definitely legit, the poor song choice literally ruined everything they had built up to that point. I was pretty tired so we headed back to get ready for Friday morning, which we were sure would be busy as hell.

On a random side note, my friend put on the Heavy Pets' studio album while we were working and I swear, three or four times throughout the album I caught myself wondering "what Phish/Disco Biscuits show is this?" In case you don't realize this, that's about the highest compliment I could give a band.

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