Monday, May 5, 2008

Phishy Tuesday Links

Alright phanners I finally did it. I made it through the first year of law school.

Although I can't say for certain that I no longer regret going, I definitely regret going a lot less now that the first year is over. As an added bonus, now I have time to re-devote my efforts towards the things that really matter in life: mainly, Phish.

So without further delay...

Trey Anastasio will release "Original Boardwalk Style," which is a live recording of the 11-member Trey Band from 12/30 and 12/31/06 in Atlantic City. Many have referred to these shows as some of the best TAB to date.

Here's the track list:
1. Drifting
2. Plasma
3. Shine
4. Alive Again
5. Mud City
6. Simple Twist Up Dave
7. Tuesday
8. Money, Love and Change
9. Mr. Completely

Exclusive Digital Bonus Track
10. First Tube

I'm kind of disappointed that they only included 10 tracks as opposed to the entire performances. Especially because I remember watching some of the videos from last year thinking that these shows had to be pretty good.

Trey Anastasio Band - Makisupa Policeman - 12/31/06

Trey Anastasio Band - Peaches En Regalia - 12/31/06

In other Phishy news... has a great interview with Chris Kuroda.

Here's some video of Mike Gordon sitting in with Page McConnell this weekend at Jazz Fest (thanks to Coventry for the tip)

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Dr. Pauly said...

Congrats on finishing L1!

Thanks for the link up....