Friday, May 16, 2008

Disco Biscuits Spring Selections, Ann Marie Calhouln Plays Ripple, etc.

I would highly advise anyone who has not heard any of the Disco Biscuits' Spring tour shows to do so IMMEDIATELY. I don't know what happened in the last year, but this band is on freaking fire right now. I got a taste of it at Langerado but I figured it was just an on night; how was I to know that they were on an epic upswing?

Anyways, here's a taste of what level this band is playing at right now. I especially enjoyed the futuristic Bill & Ted-esque riffs Barber plays about 8 or 9 minutes in. I've also added "Glastonbury" from the third Tractor Beam show as a bonus.

Ann Marie Calhoun, who you should remember from her unbelievable, jaw-dropping rendition of Phish's Stash on YouTube, released another tube: the Grateful Dead's "Ripple." I have no idea how she does it but somehow she is able to transform 1970's psychedelic rock into 1870's country-western. Simply amazing.

In other news...

In case you missed it, the Sonic Bloom Festival will feature Zilla, Lotus, Bassnectar, EOTO, and others. The festival will take place June 19-21 in Winter Park, Colorado.

The Weight lists their worst songs ever

Coventry brings you some downloads of Phil pwning faces with Trey and Page along with the Mountain Jam schedule

Consequence of Sound bring you their Festival Outlook

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