Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WeTube Wednesdays: Hiatus Run

It has now been three weeks since my last post and to my surprise, I've actually received several complaints about the lack of postings. To those of you who actually visit the site every day I am truly sorry. Here's where I've been...

Guitarmageddon - Dan Lebowitz

Guitarmageddon - Sean Levy

String Cheese Incident - 08/12/07 - Red Rocks

And the biggest time-occupier of them all...

Law School.

So while I'm not exactly taking an extended hiatus, I will not have the luxury of posting as often as I would like. Anyways, I've gotta steal part of this week's tube from Hidden Track: Trey's recent guest appearance with Dave Matthews 08/14/07 in Saratoga, New York. While I'm not exactly what you would call a "fan" of the DMB, I do love hearing Trey tear it up. Ace summarizes this video best "It’s a fairly subdued performance, until we reach the five minute mark, when Trey opens it up and takes it to the car wash (presumably to get it waxed, and then air dry that shit)."

This one really got me in the mood for some classic Trey. How about the Harry Hood 11/16/95 West Palm Beach, FL?

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jackhead said...

while i am quite surprised and maybe even taken aback at the fact that you have actually brought yourself to even hint at the notion that dave matthews is a musician, i feel that i have seen better trey performances. now i am highly disappointed at the fact that you chose not to attend the dave show at riverbend, although at the same time, i am pleased that you did not being that the show was extremely subpar.

with that said, do you know whether or not you will be attending the echo project? and when are we going to sit down and develop the ultimate playlist to recieve our 15 minutes of fame on the roll your own hour on jam_on