Friday, June 29, 2007

Virtual Summer of Love

Wow. A really cool Summer of love 40th anniversary feature amongst a sea of mediocrity. And it's from Rolling Stone? Take the virtual Summer of Love Tour if you've got a minute. Here's everything else going on as far as I can tell...

-think of a witty enough comment and win free 10KLF tickets (courtesy of Hidden Track)

-Al Schnier will join Jon Fishman, Ron Johnson, Jeff Austin, and Robert Walter on the officially sold out Jam Cruise 6

-the New Times interviews the Disco Biscuits' Aron Magner

-Phil & Friends will play a gig on July 7 as part of Lesh's ongoing work with the Unbroken Chain Foundation - watch the official announcement here

- Tim Reynolds, DJ Logic, and others have been added to Lew-Au II; don't worry kids, RAQ promises at least 5 sets throughout the weekend

-the Joker's got some Sonic Bloom clips

-if you're near Chicago on July 28, kick some ass in the Windy City Cornhole Classic at Soldier Field

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