Monday, June 4, 2007

Monday Monotony

Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays! Here's what's going on so far...

-didn't get to see Phil at Mountain Jam? (or you made it but lost your camera and don't remember anything?) Download last night's Phil show here or check out the setlist and photos here

-apparently the Weightstaff watched High Fidelity last night and want you to give them your top five life-changing albums

-The Rolling Stones are set to release their new Martin Scorsese documentary "Shine a Light" on September 21.

-UB40 is suing Paris Hilton...apparently the second verse of her new hit single consists of nothing more than "UB40" repeated over and over again

-Check out a classic bootleg: The Who at Monterey

-and of course, it's Mountain Jam Mule Monday over at Rock Music Daily

-phillyBurbs interviews Page - here's the response to the inevitable Phish reunion question:
“I hope we'll play together someday...We're all still friends...Fishman played on four songs on my album. Trey came into the studio for a few hours. It was really nice being around them again. I can see us back together again since our breakup wasn't over something petty, like many breakups are. It was just time for us to take a break for awhile. Who knows what's going to happen to us in the future?”

-speaking of Page, download his 6/1 show at Lupo's or check out the setlist and photos here, and
here's a review of his 5/30 performance

-on another Phishy note, the Coventry Blog just posted my favorite Simpsons episode. Can you guess which one? I'll save you the effort

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