Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Help Wanted: Better Publicist

This is a courtesy posting for Tea Leaf Green, who is in desperate need of a new publicist. Why do I say this? Check out a stub of a recent L.A. Times Blog article that was sent out on the TLG e-mail list (I've highlighted my favorite parts for you):

"I understand why rock critics give jam bands a hard time. Their lyrics usually aren’t very good. Their self-indulgency borders on wankery and while their fans are usually good and decent people, they quite often aren’t the sharpest sticks of incense in the pack. But people need to start paying attention to San Francisco four-piece Tea Leaf Green. Sure, they sound a lot like the Dead, but no one ever said that was a bad thing and with Jerry pushing up scarlet begonias six feet deep, bands that can deliver improvised searing guitar solos and atmospheric keyboard riffs will always have a place in my heart (and the entire Jam Nation). Tea Leaf might not be breaking any new ground, but their set amply displayed why they’re regarded as one of the top bands on the jam-band circuit. These guys can play as well as anyone and if you’re looking for rootsy, soulful music that admittedly probably sounds much better under the influence, Tea Leaf Green are a much see. Already a huge commodity in the un-shaven set, Tea Leaf’s bravura nightcap performance at “The Other Stage,” proved that indie kids might have to stock up on patchouli the next time they roll through Los Angeles."

This author reeks of Darryl Smyers; in the span of a paragraph this dude insulted jam bands, their fans, Jerry, and Tea Leaf Green's inability to break "any new ground" (complete with a standard patchouli joke outro).

Why exactly are all of TLG's fans being sent this article? Just because it says Tea Leaf Green? My $.02...

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Justin said...

Hey man, if anything -- at least they're painting a transparent picture of what EVERYONE is saying about the band and the fans and the scene. The last thing we need is another person to fluff PR for a band that knows how to play their instruments.

I hear ya, but at the same time -- I think it's actually BETTER than the alternative, believe it or not.