Monday, May 28, 2007

Catching Up

Unfortunately I was not able to blog from the middle of this year's Summer Camp Monsoon. Here's what I missed...

10,000 Lakes: Trey's out, Cheese's in

Speaking of Cheese, they've added more NYC and Red Rocks dates

Led Zeppelin Reunion?

moe. joins Lollapalooza

the Bonnaroo schedule was released; let the bitching begin...

How was Summer Camp you ask? Here are the highlights; I'll be posting more later...

-An entire year's worth of rain descended upon central Illinois in one day; it was not, however, nearly as effective at driving away hippies as...say...death metal
-Tea Leaf Green played a pretty good show (with Bayliss sitting in for a song or two)
-ALO blew my mind
-The Wailers just blew
-Keller and the WMDS were underwhelming, though I never realized how good Gibb Droll is
-Cornmeal was fun
-Brother's Past; what a great find!
-Umphrey's was great night one, sub-par night two
-moe. met and exceeded all expectations; not only was the music great; but the sets were well-chosen and probably had the best light show that I have ever seen

As I said, more later!

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