Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Play it Leo!!!!

Page McConnell's self-titled album, Page McConnell, was officially released today. I haven't picked it up just yet, but will hopefully be doing so by the end of the day.

Hidden Track was fortunate enough to sneak in a few minutes with the Chairman of the Boards, discussing Page's upcoming nationwide tour, the new band, the new album; and of course, Phish: past, present, and future.

After reading, it seems that McConnell seems to have joined the "I'm so over Phish" club (or maybe they're all actually over Phish...that's a scary thought), nothing "Phish was just an amazing ride that we were able to take with the fans. It’s hard to imagine it happening again in that way. I’m loving what I’m doing now, but it’s a little bit different. That was such a magical journey, and so innocent too. It started off so small with such good intentions and a lot of hard work, and then a lot of luck. It was good timing that let us do all the things that we did."

When asked "Do you still see and talk to the your former bandmates?" Page replied "I do. I talk to the guys in the band. I see Mike more than I see the rest of the guys. We try to get together about once a week to play chess. We’re all talkin’ these days."

Most importantly, Page will be back on tour. In addition to his previously scheduled tour dates, Page responded that he will "be doing more shows in the summer, and there’s certainly the possibility that a festival date will be in there somewhere...There will be more." With the tour conspicuously wrapping up the day before Bonnaroo, there's probably a decent chance of Page playing the Tennessee festival.

Click here to read Hidden Track's full interview with Page McConnell.

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